The elicitor’s
new generation

STIMULATION of plant growth and resistance

ELICIR develops biocontrol products based on a patented breakthrough innovation. This 100% biosourced solution has demonstrated two unique effects: it stimulates plant growth and places plants in a situation of resistance to diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses…

ELICIR was born from the research of Dr Christelle BARBREAU, Phd in plant pathology, who, with her team, has accumulated more than 40 years of experience and scientific research in the field of plant physiology, pathology, biochemical mediators in plants, and the plant-pathogen dialogue.



ELICIR develops an exceptional bio-stimulant, 100% bio-sourced, which promotes accelerated, harmonious and sustainable growth in agricultural plants, as well as better exploitation of their environment by the rhizosphere.



ELICIR solution is a scientific response, a 2nd generation, or signal molecules, which induces in agricultural plants a functional resistance to pathogens such as fungi (mildew, powdery mildew, rust,…), bacteria (Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas,…) or viruses (mosaic, yellowing,…).

Creating a sustainable
and efficient agriculture

Because resistance mechanisms are homogeneous, from one plant family to another and from one pathogen to another, our second generation elicitors will be able to meet the challenges of treating vines, orchards, forests, field crops, green spaces and public and private gardens.
Our first scientific results reinforce our ambition to become a reference player in biological crop protection.

The founders



Engineer degree
from AgroParisTech


Dr Christelle

PhD in hytopathology
from Montpellier University



Engineer degree
from CentraleParisTech

A naturally passionate team

ELICIR is developing on the basis of solid test results and a highly specialised team that is fully aware of the agronomic, regulatory and industrial challenges. By relying on a high-level scientific environment in key and complementary fields, we provide effective biological solutions to multiple crops.

Our ecosystem